I Ching Advice from Coral Moon


Throw Three Coins &
Receive Your Individually Prepared Interpretation
of the I CHING Response

I am Coral Moon, a woman who began consulting the I CHING in the early 1970's when I was very troubled and was seeking answers to bewilderment and relief from many emotional pains. I attempted to find truth in many, many ways. Finally, in addition to the clarity that came from the progressive side of politics, the only other lasting source of enlightenment for me turned out to be the answers from the I CHING. And following its advice has proved time and time again to be the best source of hope in times of deep despair and fear, and has provided me with excellent pathways to good decision making. All in all, these peaceful and non retaliatory small decisions added up to great spiritual success for me.

Therefore, after these 45 years, I feel qualified to interpret the messages given through the I CHING to others and I wish to share with others the help it gives.

So, if you have a question about your place at the moment in the Cosmos, or you have a decision to make, or you want to begin to understand some social or other personal circumstance that is baffling you, you might find some insights toward an answer by tossing three coins six times, which will lead to a specific message in the I CHING.


The world today is still in the throes of great oppression and madness; and my hope is to help spread, in some little way, a bit of wisdom and peace in the decisions we make and the paths we choose in our lives.

I am requesting $10.00 per interpretation for this work. I realize that there are more affordable generic responses that one can get for I CHING interpretations. I will be answering all questions uniquely and as inspired by the time in which they are asked. This is crucial for true I CHING interpretation. The answer will always change depending on the moment it is asked and answered.
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Coral Moon
I CHING Advice, Spring 2006